5 Design/Media Articles I’m Reading

19 Jul

I’ll be honest, I don’t read as much as I’d like. Heck, I don’t even read as much as I should. Over the course of a busy week, I rarely find time to just sit and read. Recently, though, I curtailed my busybee life long enough to read these five fantastic design/media articles. Now, you can partake in the knowledge as well!

Right Your QR Code Wrongs

Not until I read this article did I realize just how incorrect my QR Code usage has been.


Marketing to Women: Should you focus on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter?

Because, let’s all face it, we run the world (and Beyonce even said so!) – so don’t you want to market to us correctly?

Awesome and Simple Logos

Because I have a long-standing love affair with logos!



Why Web Designers Should Turn towards Responsive Web Design?


This topic, to me, is fairly obvious. Why wouldn’t you want it to be responsive? These days, more people will view your site via a smartphone or iPad than ever before.

I know for me there is nothing worse than a clunky website that won’t work (or even show up) on my phone.


Travel Made Easy!

I swear this isn’t an ad randomly thrown in to capture your clicks. This shows you all the amazing sites out there that let you plan and execute your next awesome adventure. Who knew there were so many great places?


Here’s A Pamphlet…

10 Jul

Usually the words “Here’s a pamphlet.” or “Here’s a Brochure.” coincide with some kind of unpleasentness (doctor’s office? insurance claim? uneeded credit card offer?), but how can one dislike a brochure when it is as well designed as these!?




A Congolmeration

5 Jun

I can be nobody but myself. And at the moment, myself does not wish to organize these images into anything except: design.


New Posts

4 Jun

If I could get the layout of them right, then they’d be up. Moral of the story: stay tuned 😉

Color Collection

3 May

Brilliant color for your inspiration!

Summer Is Calling

26 Apr

It isn’t even May yet, but the weather where I’m at has already turned for the warmer. I must admit I am much more inclined to be up and active when it is warm. I despise being cold.

So in the celebration of  impending summer, some articles perfect for the season:) :

Tone Yo Booty, the Gwyneth Paltrow Way!

Hey, if it is going to be out there then why not lift it up a little?

Get All Glowy and Shimmery (Without all that burning/skin damaging stuff)


Plus, your skin color is fine in its natural shade!


Braid Up That Hair!


It is the ultimate summer look… and so easy/simple.


Why Not Grab a Cheap Swimsuit?


Even though there are 5,000 “Find Your Best Suit!!” articles out, why not just buy what you think is best?

You know better than any 😉

 Make Some Tasty Summer Pasta!

And of course, always remember to laugh:


3 Feb

A new collection of amazing works! People are so talented.