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25 Jan

I pull my inspirations from so many places.

First off, I have several blogs I visit almost daily. They inspire me and motivate me.

Souvenirs Of A Girl is one of my absolute favorite blogs to visit. Fashion plays a big part in my photography and photographic influence. I love more candid, informal shots more so than elaborate photoshoots. S.O.A.G is full of photos just like that. The above 4 are from there.

Because I Am Addicted is another blog that I love. All of the above photos are from their Tumblr account. I initially found that first. Then I discovered that they had a Blogspot blog!! I was thrilled 🙂 .

I also love this home decor blog, Decor 8. It always has gorgeous photos that inspire me.

from Decor 8 

Post Secret also influences me. I love to collect secrets that I relate to or just like.

Music is a huge influence in my life. Just hearing a song can put me in a great mood and have me wanting to go out and shoot!

Current Favorites:

Timbaland feat. JoJo – Lose Control
The Listening (Webrip) – Lights
Alejandro (DJ Dar Remix) – Lady GaGa
Little Bit (AutoErotique Bootleg Remix) – Lykke Li
Raindrops – Basement Jaxx

I favor dance/house music. It’s just what moves me the most. However, I love almost all kinds of music.

Some blogs I frequent: Hard Candy Disco Dust

Katy Perry and Rhianna via

And lastly, I am especially influenced by Nylon, Women’s Health, V, Elle and W magazines. I aspire to work for one of them one day.

by me 🙂

Photos of Life

19 Jan

Narrowing my favorite pictures down to just one was very difficult. I chose a couple of my favorites 🙂 .

The above photo was actually shot a few weeks ago. I had convinced my friend to go with me around town shooting. The sun was setting as we drove over the tracks and it was then I saw my shot. I got her to park, and we ran back up to catch the shot before the sun set. Even though we moved quickly, the sun had slipped further back into the sky, taking its reflection with it. So we just kept walking further down the rails, chasing the sun.

I used my p80 to shoot this one. It was on automatic and I placed it low to the ground. I think the strongest element in this photo is the angle and focus. The fact that it is the reflection of the sky that is in focus  makes this photo one of my favorites. This photo makes me think of traveling, of a destination we are all trying to get to and of the fact we may never get there.

This photo is a portrait shot of my father, shot on Thanksgiving Day. We were seated at our dining room table. I had borrowed the Canon EOS 20D for the break. As I sat there, I realized how amazing the lighting was coming in through the window. I put the camera on manual and snapped a few pictures.

The above photo gains its strength from the lighting and composition. The placement of my father against the beige wall puts all of the focus on him. The lighting is just beautiful. My only qualm is that the exposure is a bit off.

I feel so strongly about this photo because of how my father is depicted. He would see this photo and complain that he looks old and tired. But to me he looks introspective, strong and wise. It seems to me that I should be asking him his life story so that I may gain the same insight he seems to have in this photo.

This photo was shot on one of the coldest nights of my life at the State Fair. Everybody has shots from the fair, because it is an amazing place to take photos. This one was shot with my Nikon P80. It makes me feel the excitement and rush of a night at the fair.

About This Girl.

12 Jan

Hello my name is Anna Smith.

I am a junior here at University of South Carolina.

I love photography and love to take photos of everything.

Photography has become synonymous with my name.

I currently posess a Nikon P80, a Minolta film camera and a very old Poloroid camera.

I secretly long for a Canon Eos Rebel.

I enjoy taking photos of nearly everything. Sometimes I favor disturbing and creepy images, other times I go for light-hearted and fun. Sometimes I want to convey a message, other times I shoot at random.

This class will afford me an opportunity to develop better lighting skills and better technique over all.

My inspiration comes from everywhere: music, people, sites, sounds, other blogs, dreams…everything!

I strive to incorporate my ideas into every picture. This can be the most frustrating part too. Having a vision and not being able to replicate in a photo is tough. But then again, when you get it perfect…it is an amazing feeling.