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Day One April 29,2010

30 Apr

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29 Apr

So I have decided. It has been decided. I have always thought about it and summer will be the perfect time to execute it.

I will be photographing my life everyday, all summer.

I really have always wanted to do this. I think that there will be beauty in the mundane. I live a fairly average, un-theatrical life. However, maybe when I look back on my summer I will see this differently. Maybe I’ll see the numerous amazing qualities of my life. And really that is what I want my photography to show…

So here I go… Each day I will document where I go or what I do. Even if it is to the eye doctor, the grocery store and/or work. I will photograph it. I know I won’t always have a camera so I will have to get creative…

It will be slightly nerve racking to be so personal and share so much with the world, there will be things I don’t want to share I’m sure, but I will do it anyways.

So here I’ll be….Everyday.

Finding A Photo

21 Apr

I have rapidly learned that one of my absolute favorite things in the world to do, is to just go out into the world with a camera and just see where it finds me. I have found some of my best/favorite pictures by just roaming around aimlessly.

Though we are preached to about how you must plan, meter, think-through our composition, I just can’t completely get behind that. I believe spur-of-the-moment pictures are just more me. I’d much rather just happen upon an amazing photo than meticulously plan a mundane one.

My Most Recent Adventure:

I wandered Columbia with my best friend and my boyfriend a couple of times that week. I found so many cool places!

This photo below has become a staple in all of my portfolios and it always is used to represent my abilities. This photo was also snapped on a random walk by the river with my little Nikon p80.

Overall, I think everyone should at least try just going out and discovering their photographs. Something amazing could await you…

Food For Thought

14 Apr

As I search websites for photos that I like and for photos that inspire me I have discovered a distinct trend in what I like- food photography. I think my obsession with it comes from partly a love of color and texture and partly my own preoccupation with food in general.

Pretty Foods

Healthy eating is a huge part of my life. I think this leads to me collecting large amounts of junk food images as well as taking my own.

Food photos via me

I think this same reason leads to so-called “Food Porn” blogs.

According to the all-knowing Wikipedia, “Food porn is a provocative term variously applied to a spectacular visual presentation of cooking or eating in advertisementsinfomercials, cooking shows or other visual media, foods boasting a high fat and calorie content[1], exotic dishes that arouse a desire to eat[2] or the glorification of food as a substitute for sex.”

Tasty. Several websites exist to serve this particular type of desire.

Food Porn Daily

Food Candy


Hopefully one day I will be able to photograph food much better than I do today. I would love to do that as my job. It would be quite a delicious life.

Look At My Photos!

7 Apr

So in the fall of 2009 I took a little class called J564. There, I attempted to create a portfolio website. I was pretty inept at doing so, and this resulted in me having a painfully wimpy photo gallery. It merely displayed jumpy images of my handiwork via some pitiful Flash code.

So now I have embarked on correcting my mistakes, mostly because I am resubmitting for a grade in 564. I’ve found a much nicer and efficient way to make a gallery. It is called a Hoverbox. It is a simpler play on the Lightbox, a code I never could get to work.

So far in my coding, I have gotten it to display my photos. Really all that is left is to work the CSS into an attractive fashion.

-my gallery currently-

In my pursuit of ways to better display my photos, I have come across many innovative ways to display photos:

CSS3 Lightbox Gallery With jQuery

by Tutorialzine is an amazing-looking gallery with polaroids one can move around and drop onto a button so that they are able to email them to others. When I attempted this code, I needed to work with server-side elements. This caused me to move on simpler codes.

Andrew G. Hobbs

This is a personal portfolio site of Andrew Hobbs. It has thumbnails of 92 photos. I think his design is interesting and innovative.

Overall, the display of your photos is very important. If the gallery is jumbled and hard to decipher it will overshadow your talent and photo quality. With this in mind, I continue to pursue a better, more efficient design of my portfolio galleries. So I’m off to code, wish me luck. 🙂