Look At My Photos!

7 Apr

So in the fall of 2009 I took a little class called J564. There, I attempted to create a portfolio website. I was pretty inept at doing so, and this resulted in me having a painfully wimpy photo gallery. It merely displayed jumpy images of my handiwork via some pitiful Flash code.

So now I have embarked on correcting my mistakes, mostly because I am resubmitting for a grade in 564. I’ve found a much nicer and efficient way to make a gallery. It is called a Hoverbox. It is a simpler play on the Lightbox, a code I never could get to work.

So far in my coding, I have gotten it to display my photos. Really all that is left is to work the CSS into an attractive fashion.

-my gallery currently-

In my pursuit of ways to better display my photos, I have come across many innovative ways to display photos:

CSS3 Lightbox Gallery With jQuery

by Tutorialzine is an amazing-looking gallery with polaroids one can move around and drop onto a button so that they are able to email them to others. When I attempted this code, I needed to work with server-side elements. This caused me to move on simpler codes.

Andrew G. Hobbs

This is a personal portfolio site of Andrew Hobbs. It has thumbnails of 92 photos. I think his design is interesting and innovative.

Overall, the display of your photos is very important. If the gallery is jumbled and hard to decipher it will overshadow your talent and photo quality. With this in mind, I continue to pursue a better, more efficient design of my portfolio galleries. So I’m off to code, wish me luck. 🙂

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