Finding A Photo

21 Apr

I have rapidly learned that one of my absolute favorite things in the world to do, is to just go out into the world with a camera and just see where it finds me. I have found some of my best/favorite pictures by just roaming around aimlessly.

Though we are preached to about how you must plan, meter, think-through our composition, I just can’t completely get behind that. I believe spur-of-the-moment pictures are just more me. I’d much rather just happen upon an amazing photo than meticulously plan a mundane one.

My Most Recent Adventure:

I wandered Columbia with my best friend and my boyfriend a couple of times that week. I found so many cool places!

This photo below has become a staple in all of my portfolios and it always is used to represent my abilities. This photo was also snapped on a random walk by the river with my little Nikon p80.

Overall, I think everyone should at least try just going out and discovering their photographs. Something amazing could await you…

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