29 Apr

So I have decided. It has been decided. I have always thought about it and summer will be the perfect time to execute it.

I will be photographing my life everyday, all summer.

I really have always wanted to do this. I think that there will be beauty in the mundane. I live a fairly average, un-theatrical life. However, maybe when I look back on my summer I will see this differently. Maybe I’ll see the numerous amazing qualities of my life. And really that is what I want my photography to show…

So here I go… Each day I will document where I go or what I do. Even if it is to the eye doctor, the grocery store and/or work. I will photograph it. I know I won’t always have a camera so I will have to get creative…

It will be slightly nerve racking to be so personal and share so much with the world, there will be things I don’t want to share I’m sure, but I will do it anyways.

So here I’ll be….Everyday.

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