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I Never Knew…

24 Jun

So I’m at work, a little lonely and again so hungry, so I’ve decided to torture myself with food. Haha.

Why not look up strange varaiations on foods or possible flavors,products, etc. we don’t have around here?



Apparently they are chocolate-covered Twinkies. And they apparently are difficult to find in some parts of the country. I’m not a big Twinkie fan myself, but Wikipedia claims that these things are terrific.

Strange Pringles Flavors

Three very strange Pringles flavors, available in Asia

We all are familiar with Sour Cream & Onion and Barbecue flavors but how about Curry? Or Soft-Shelled Crab? Or even Seaweed? uh…yum? Most of these flavors are only available internationally.

Strange Kit Kat Bar Flavors

Again, another food with bizarre international flavors. Japan boasts  “tasty” versions such as Sweet Potato, Apple Vinegar, Sweet Corn, Pumpkin and Green Tea.

Other countries have special recipe Kit Kats (made from different cocoa beans) and other slightly altered version of the bars we know.

A Kool-lickle

There is somewhere in Mississippi where lucky patrons can get a pickle “soaked in strawberry, cherry or tropical fruit Kool-Aid…” Wow, how could that taste?

Butterscotch Krimpets

From what I’ve read these little cakes are only available in Pennsylvania and they have a huge following.  They are mini sponge cakes with butterscotch icing. Sounds pretty yummy to me 🙂 . A review can be read here, for those so inclined.

Cereal Variations I’ve Never Heard Of

I consider myself almost a cereal conniseur, I love the stuff. So how is it these cereal versions escaped my knowledge?

Post’s Dino Smores Pebbles. They have tiny dog (or exscuse me, dinosaur) bones miked with chocolate and marshmellow pieces. How tasty! They appear to be still available.

Post Cinna-Graham Honeycombs   Um,yes please? They also boast a Strawberry-Blasted version!

 Kellog’s Special K Yoghurty version   Special K and yogurt? I’m there. Or at least, I would be if it weren’t only available in the UK.

Garbage Plates

These piping-hot plates of ridiculousness are found Nick Tahou Hots in Rochester, New York.  It “is a combination of one selection of cheeseburger, hamburger, red hots, white hots, Italian sausage, chicken tender, fish (haddock), fried ham, grilled cheese, or eggs; and two sides of either home fries, French fries, baked beans, or macaroni salad. On top of that are the options of mustard and onions, ketchup, and Nick’s proprietary hot sauce, a greasy sauce with spices and ground beef. It’s served with rolls or Italian toast on the side,[3] which is made fresh at the bakery next door.[2]” Good Lord!

Strange Lay’s Potato Chip Flavors

Again there are a good handful of weird flavors for international Lay’s consumers. Our neighbors to the north can enjoy flavors such as Fries & Gravy, Curry, Wasabi and Salsa.

Rare Poptarts

Some hard-to-find and/or discontinued flavors include Gingerbread, Orange Cream, Icy Cold Polar and Chocolate Graham Cracker.

I Scream…For A Good Cause :)

24 Jun

Ben & Jerry’s Exclusive Flavors at Target

Beginning this week, and available only at Target stores, Ben & Jerry’s is launching two new “philanthropic” flavors, both aimed at encouraging consumers to volunteer in their communities.

Raspberry cheesecake flavor best describes Berry Voluntary, which is laced with white-chocolate chunks and raspberry swirls.

Brownie Chew Gooder is vanilla caramel ice cream loaded with pieces of fudge brownie and topped off with caramel swirl.

Both are available in either a mini cup ($1.25) or a pint ($3.50).
“Scoop it Forward” is a promotion where if you register to volunteer on a short-term project (from a few hours to an ongoing commitment; you decide) through — depending on your community, opportunities range from serving food to the homeless to assisting children with reading or homework — and then forward that opportunity to five friends, not only do you receive a coupon for a free pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream but so do those five friends. After you donate some sweat and labor to your chosen project, you get a $1-off coupon for even more Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Read more:

If You Can’t Design…Admire!

23 Jun

I’m trying to vamp up/ re-do my portfolio website before I lanuch it in the fall.

As I Stumbleupon (the best resource I’ve found for finding inspiration!), I’ve come across plenty

of design work I love. Let me share with you:


It’s a business card. Too cute huh?

This Lithuanian website has an awesome design! Courtesy: Smashing Magazine

These sites are neat too.

More Logos to love.

There is so much talent out there! I’m always in awe of it.

Taste To-Do List

18 Jun

Now that food is starting to become more apart of my life, I have a million recipes I want to try. Over this year I hope to check off all of these from my “wishlist” of recipes.

As a pecestarian it is hard to find a huge variety of meals sometimes. This looks tasty.

Never even had zucchini but these look sooo yummy.

Baked goods are a weakness.

Lots of Logo Love

16 Jun

Logos I think are creative/great/fun to look at.


Smashing Magazine et al.

What You See May Be A Lie

15 Jun

Interesting concept:

“You May Look More Like Gwyneth Than You Think”

Linda Carroll writes:

Do you look in the mirror and see a short stubby person staring back at you? 

Not to worry. It’s possible that your brain is playing tricks on you and you’re actually as tall and svelte as Gwyneth Paltrow.

OK, maybe that’s a stretch.

Still, British researchers have determined that most people are very bad at assessing their own dimensions. In the mind’s eye, we almost always see shorter and stubbier — right down to the size and shape of our hands.

To determine how skewed people’s perceptions might be, Dr. Matthew Longo and colleagues from University College London rounded up a group of volunteers and asked them to put their left hand, palm down, under a board and then to indicate on the surface of the board the location of the covered hand’s knuckles and fingertips. With amazing consistency, people imagined a hand that was two-thirds wider and one-third shorter than their actual hand, according to Longo’s study, which was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

As it turns out, you don’t know the back of your hand as well as the saying may imply.

And while this knowledge might improve even Paltrow’s self-image, it could be much more helpful to people with eating disorders.

“These findings may well be relevant to psychiatric conditionsinvolving body image such as anorexia nervosa, as there may be a general bias towards perceiving the body to be wider than it is,” Longo says.

What’s surprising about the new research is that it comes from healthy people, says Mia Holland, chair person of the counseling studies department at Capella University.

Counselors will sometimes ask anorexic patients to draw a life-size picture of themselves, Holland says. Then the counselor will ask the person to lie down on the drawing while someone else inscribes a tracing of the person on the same paper. In those with severe anorexia, the difference can be stunning.

“A size 4 might draw herself as a size 14,” Holland says. “When the patient looks at the drawings it can be a real shocker.”


As someone who can relate ten-fold to not seeing the truth in the mirror…this article is def. interesting. What do we do if we will never see the way we truly look?

It’s Whatever I Want

11 Jun

So I re-did this little blog of mine. This represents a big, new chapter of my life. 🙂

I’m just posting whatever I care to and it will be great. HaHa!

So for this post I’m going to post new websites I’ve found that I

So here goes:

Serious Eats

I have really gotten into finding recipes and such online. This website has great articles on food in general. It tends to focus on the best kinds though, like restaurant foods and baked goods. Being as visual as I am, this makes for some great stuff to look at!!

Food Gawker

Yep, another food website. This one is so awesome. It puts up pics of foods and when you click them, you get taken to the recipe. Sweet!

A Vanished Time

This Tumblr site has beeeautiful pictures of women from the 1900s, 1920s and 30s and those times. I love it.

The Picky Palate

This site is more for mothers of picky eaters but oh my goodness they have some great ideas. I mean, she made chocolate chip cookies with ice cream mixed in! Yum!

New Music:

Cartel   –   Wasted

Nikki Minaj –  Your Love

T.I. – Got Your Back (Feat. Keri Hilson)


K’naan – If Rap Gets Jealous

I haven’t felt this completely optimistic about my future and my success in such a long time….it is wonderful.

Till later! Oh, and just to get a picture by me in here :p

©2010 Anna Smith

©2010 Anna Smith