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28 Jul

So in light of my most recent life adventures, and my overall feelings this morning, I’m dedicating this blog to a bunch of neat articles about body image. Let’s get to it!

How To Love The Body Parts We Hate

“Although we take pride in embracing our body just the way it is, like anyone, we’re prone to self-conscious moments.

From asymmetrical breasts to flabby upper arms, here’s a look at the four body parts that make us look twice in the mirror…and how we’re working to love them.” (Read More…)

What Eating Disorder Recovery Means & More

Here’s part two of my interview with Elizabeth Short, who writes the blog Finding Hope, about her recovery from an eating disorder. Elizabeth struggled with an eating disorder for 16 years. Though her eating disorder was severe and she suffered a long time, Elizabeth was able to recover. Like other women who’ve shared their stories on Weightless, she’s another example of the real hope – and recovery – that exists when you find effective treatment, commit yourself to it and work hard. (Read More…)

Body Image Boosters: Asking Yourself The Thought-Provoking Questions

Some good excercises to work on your self image.

(Read More…)

How To Respect Your Body

“Respecting your body means treating it with dignity, and meeting its basic needs,” write registered dietitians Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch in their book, Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program That Works. “Many of our clients treat their pets with more respect than their own bodies – they feed them, take them out for walks, and are kind to them.” Wow, that’s a powerful statement, and, unfortunately, one that’s true for so many of us.” (Read More…)

Celeb lookalike surgery requests raise red flags

So don’t be trying to go out and become Kim Kardashian! (Read More…)

I Like Your Site

16 Jul

Sites I’m liking:

A Cover Worth A Thousand Words

6 Jul

Magazine covers…they have the typically difficult job of wrangling in readers while simultaneously being design savvy and advertiser-friendly. Sometimes, covers jump out at me from the news stands. The cover photo, the colors, or maybe even just the headlines – those are what strike me most. Seeing as this will someday be apart of my career, I’m taking a look back at some magazine covers I’ve found I like.

Great use of tasty food imagery!

Love her or hate her, one of our most iconic magazine covers. I was like 9 when this came out and I still remember seeing it on the stands.

Loved the use of fonts.

I love Nylon’s use of bright colors and innovative fonts. They always excell in that department.

Sex sells, what can ya say?

Lady GaGa covers never dissapoint.

It’s also interesting to me to see the common theme that some magazines adopt.

Men’s Health:  Strong headlines, one guy, black and white attire, yellow-highlighted headlines (for emphasis I’m sure)

Shape: Girl in bikini on a beach, bold white headline on the left, usually headline saying “Plus:…” at the bottom.