A Cover Worth A Thousand Words

6 Jul

Magazine covers…they have the typically difficult job of wrangling in readers while simultaneously being design savvy and advertiser-friendly. Sometimes, covers jump out at me from the news stands. The cover photo, the colors, or maybe even just the headlines – those are what strike me most. Seeing as this will someday be apart of my career, I’m taking a look back at some magazine covers I’ve found I like.

Great use of tasty food imagery!

Love her or hate her, one of our most iconic magazine covers. I was like 9 when this came out and I still remember seeing it on the stands.

Loved the use of fonts.

I love Nylon’s use of bright colors and innovative fonts. They always excell in that department.

Sex sells, what can ya say?

Lady GaGa covers never dissapoint.

It’s also interesting to me to see the common theme that some magazines adopt.

Men’s Health:  Strong headlines, one guy, black and white attire, yellow-highlighted headlines (for emphasis I’m sure)

Shape: Girl in bikini on a beach, bold white headline on the left, usually headline saying “Plus:…” at the bottom.

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