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18 Sep

What’s the Link Between Eating Disorders and Vegetarianism? (part 2)

I became a vegan out of desperation, not to be healthy, not to save the animals, not to lose weight, but to stop practicing my eating disorder.Read More

Less exercise, more health

Eat less and exercise more? Even Homer Simpson knows he should put down that donut and get off the couch. But reversing the ratio between energy input and outgo carries its own dangers, and compulsive exercise can become a habit with life-threatening consequences, as well as stress fractures, arthritis and reproductive problems. Read More

Top reasons that Americans are obsessed with food

Even PBS now has a food channel (called “Create”). Cooking shows are to food what pornography is to sex and have been labeled “gastroporn.” The unspeakable savoring of unattainable meals. Read More

Women, Weight and Work: What do we really value?

We all know that who we are and what we’ve achieved are more important than what we weigh, don’t we?  Then why are so many women, even high achieving women, obsessed with being thin? And how would life be different if, suddenly, those extra pounds vanished? I lost weight and found out.  Read More

Sweet tooth? How your taste buds affect your weight.

weet tooth? Personally, I think I might have a salty one. Candy bars can sit in my fridge untouched for eons while a nice wedge of gouda disappears in a matter of seconds. But why do we all have such different taste preferences?Read More

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