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There’s a story to tell

9 Oct

I love a good multimedia collection. The stories of people are always fascinating.

Patient Voices

A collection that chronicles the triumphs, struggles and everyday lives of people with different diseases.


One in 8 Million

One of my absolute favorites. It simply finds interesting,everyday people in New York and shows a little bit about their life.


Animal Tracks

Okay, so this isn’t people-related but a collection of pretty cute/interesting animal pictures? I say yes!


Cashing in on Kids

Raquel Rutledge’s series on a taxpayer-financed child-care system in Wisconsin includes video, photos, and audio.


Ian Fisher: American Soldier

The gripping tale of one soldier’s journey from high school senior to deployment in Iraq is told through photos, text, video, and slideshows.


The Water Dance

“The Water Dance,” a slideshow narrated by Times photographer Bill Cunningham, takes a simple idea — New Yorkers navigating the huge puddles of rain that line the city’s curbs — and turns it into three and a half minutes of whimsy. The humorous photos are underscored by Cunningham’s cheerful and amused voice that encourages the viewer to indulge in the humor as well.”


Going to the End of the Line

It,”is a collection of slideshows that highlight the last subway stop on various train lines — some of which many New Yorkers will never see. These places aren’t no man’s lands either; they are often thriving communities worthy of the beautiful reporting and photography.”