Infinite Questions

22 Nov

I’m feeling uber crappy today so to make myself feel better I’ve decided to blog. Yeah! So first off, this little blog entry is dedicated to all those random questions that pop into your (or my) head. Do we want answers? Yes we do!

Why do we get random itches? You know the ones- those that aren’t caused by bugs or allergic reactions.

“Itching, also known as pruritus, starts with some kind of external stimuli, including bugs, dust, clothing fibers and hair. Like tickling, itching is a built-in defense mechanism that alerts your body to the potential of being harmed. In this case, it might be the potential of being bit by a bug.

When the stimuli lands on your skin, it may not bother you at first, but soon it will begin to rub back and forth across your skin. Once the hair or dust scratches your skin’s surface layer, receptors in the dermis of the skin will become irritated. In a split second, these receptors send a signal through fibers in the skin to your spinal cord and then up to thecerebral cortex in your brain.

The same fibers that send itching signals are also used to send pain signals to the brain, which once led some scientists to believe that itching was a form of light pain. That notion has since been dispelled by research, which showed that pain and itching elicit opposite responses. Pain causes us to withdraw and itching causes us to scratch.”


Why is the sky blue?

When you look at the sky on a clear day, you can see the sun as a bright disk. The blueness you see everywhere else is all of the atoms in the atmosphere scattering blue light toward you. Because red light, yellow light, green light and the other colors aren’t scattered nearly as well, you see the sky  as blue.


Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways?

Apparently, parkways were originally deemed as “roads that go through a park.” Driveways were originally driven on. Even today, if you have a large driveway you very well may drive on it!

How can we see the moon during the daytime?

” You can see the moon against the blue backdrop of the daytime sky, because the moon is very BRIGHT! It isn’t anywhere near as bright as the Sun of course. After all, it only shines by reflecting light from the Sun anyway – and not that well. But it is brighter than any OTHER natural object in the sky.” Source


Where do nervous habits come from?

“Sometimes, a nervous habit begins as a reaction to a physical injury or psychological trauma. When the behavior continues long after the original injury or trauma, takes on an unusual form and is performed in excess, it becomes a nervous habit. Often, a habit begins as a normal behavior that becomes more frequent or becomes altered in its form.” Source

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