Not Near My Mouth!

22 Nov

In honor of the FDA’s planned ban on Four Locos, I decided to explore other foods ex-nayed by the powers that be.

Raw Milk

Back in the day, raw milk was apart of everyday life. So was the illness it brought. When pasturization came about, raw milk was banned. Though better testing has led to its return in some places, it continues to be outlawed in 22 states and Canada.


This drink has comeback and been banned numerous times over the centuries. It was once made with thujone, which even in small doses caused psychotic episodes. Today it is offered in the U.S. only in distilled versions.

Horse Meat

For obvious reasons horse meat is outlawed in the U.S., Ireland, Canada and other countries. Although many other countries dine on horses. Horse slaughter is also alive and well in the U.S. as a sort of underground trade.


“This pear-shaped fruit — the national fruit of Jamaica — contains toxins that can suppress the body’s ability to release an extra supply of glucose, plunging one’s blood sugar level and potentially leading to death.”

Casu Marzu

“Casu marzu, a traditional Sardinian cheese, develops when cheese fly larvae are introduced into Pecorino to promote advanced fermentation. As the larvae hatch and eat through the cheese, it softens. Diners have to dig in before the maggots die. Casu marzu, like many unpasteurized cheeses, is banned in the U.S.” Yummy.

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