A Review of Things

4 Mar

I thought of this post as I was trekking across train tracks and traffic along my way to work. I have used a lot of products in my life…why not give an honest opinion on them?

First up, My knock-off version of Beyonce’s Heat perfume

I bought this in NYC on my trip there. My travel sized, airport-approved fragrance was not cutting it. I found the knockoff version of this in a store for $4. So, I bought it. I don’t exactly know what Beyonce’s fragrance smells like, but this has a very fruit-based scent. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it. However, it actually lasts and stays smelling strong. That is a rarity among knockoffs.

Victoria’s Secret Sexy Little Things Noir

Oh, VS how you have trapped me once again. I was sadly disappointed in this perfume. It smells fantastic. It lasts for 2 seconds. I can’t smell it at all a little while after I put it on. I even splurged and bought the eau de parfum, not the body mist, mind you. Yet, it seems one would have to bathe in it to get it to stay put. And I will not.

Guess Perfume

Very happy with this one. Smells great, last forever and looks great on the counter. I found it for a nice deal at a T.J.Maxx. Have loved it ever since. Extra Bonus- the bottle can fall to the floor over and over and not shatter. I know because I have knocked and dropped mine more times than I can recall.

L’Oreal HIP gel eyeliner

Oh boy. I bought this either in highschool or freshmen year of college. I bought it in purple thinking it would bring out my green eyes (just like the magazines said!). Sadly, it just made me look like I had a terminal illness. I guess I should taken my paleness into account. It was a pretty neat idea for a product- pot of cream eyeliner with little mini angle brush. In reality, it went on super dark, flaked a lot and that mini brush? Lost in the deep sea of my makeup bag.

Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss

This is my current lipgloss (when it isn’t lost.) I have it in Peach Petal. It is one of many replacements I’ve tried after Neutrogena discontinued my beloved lipgloss. Revlon’s gloss goes on as a nice color. It is kind of sticky and gooey. It also goes on thick. So I usually just barely dab it on.

Revlon Creme Shadows in Not Just Nude

I’m noticing a Revlon pattern here. Anyhow, I really like these shadows. They are creamy and go on really well. Only drawback, I only use two colors. The rest stay untouched. Worth the money?

Sally Hansen Spray Foundation

Oh my, talk about a throwback! I used this in high school. My best friend at the time thought it was really weird. It probably was. I used to spray it in my hand and then rub it on. It smelled weird, but I grew to like the smell (even weirder.) It was really oily, and though I loved it at the time…I would never wear this now.

Maybelline Plumping lipgloss

I had this in a dark pink color before I lost it (me and gloss). It made my lips burn. Then, after awhile, it would dry them out. I didn’t enjoy it much.

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