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30 Sep

So I haven’t blogged in oh, I don’t know, lightyears. The inspiration to do so hits me occasionally, but I often never act on it.

Today is the day of change my friends! Haha. So I thought I’d compile just some things that I’m reading about/enjoying at the moment.

I usually spend a good 30 minutes reading all my various news sites each day. You find a lot of very curious things along the way.

Reebok Reaches $25 Million Settlement Over Sneakers 

Why you should never depend on a gimicky product to do the working out for you. And why you probably should avoid things promoted by the Kardashian women.

Granted, that is Sketcher’s toning “shoe” but I imagine the effects are similar. This whole escapade didn’t shock me one bit.

Chipotle launches new Asian-Inspired Fast Food Venture

Selling ” rice and noodle bowls and Vietnamese sandwiches.”

Lion Cub Rescued by Mom

Everyone together now…. awwwwwwwwwww. Oh the cuteness of a Lion King-esque rescue of one fluffy lion cub by its brave (but probably pissed off) mother. I wish there had been a video, but I’ll settle for these photos

by Jean-Francois Lagrot .

Cargill Turkey Sickens 100+

Food Inc. anyone? If you haven’t watched it yet, at least watch the section about disease outbreaks in food, particularly Salmonella. This particular turkey has been “recalled” ,yet still manages to be sickening

people.  Add this to the growing list of outbreaks this month alone (Tyson ground beef, Cantaloupes with lysteria…) and ponder what exactly is happening to our food system.

Mexico City Plans to Make Marriage a More Temporary Thing

Lawmakers are tossing around the idea of having marriages that are valid for x number of years, the minimum being 2.  Couples would have the option to renew, pending they have a valid library card, I mean…. wait….

Is Having a Baby Past 50 Wrong?

Very interesting…. I don’t know really what I think!