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Summer Is Calling

26 Apr

It isn’t even May yet, but the weather where I’m at has already turned for the warmer. I must admit I am much more inclined to be up and active when it is warm. I despise being cold.

So in the celebration of  impending summer, some articles perfect for the season:) :

Tone Yo Booty, the Gwyneth Paltrow Way!

Hey, if it is going to be out there then why not lift it up a little?

Get All Glowy and Shimmery (Without all that burning/skin damaging stuff)


Plus, your skin color is fine in its natural shade!


Braid Up That Hair!


It is the ultimate summer look… and so easy/simple.


Why Not Grab a Cheap Swimsuit?


Even though there are 5,000 “Find Your Best Suit!!” articles out, why not just buy what you think is best?

You know better than any 😉

 Make Some Tasty Summer Pasta!

And of course, always remember to laugh: