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A Congolmeration

5 Jun

I can be nobody but myself. And at the moment, myself does not wish to organize these images into anything except: design.



3 Feb

A new collection of amazing works! People are so talented.

Logo Love Again

7 Dec

I have been finding lots of logo inspiration lately! So many talented people out there!



If You Can’t Design…Admire!

23 Jun

I’m trying to vamp up/ re-do my portfolio website before I lanuch it in the fall.

As I Stumbleupon (the best resource I’ve found for finding inspiration!), I’ve come across plenty

of design work I love. Let me share with you:

From thedesigninspiration.com

It’s a business card. Too cute huh?

This Lithuanian website has an awesome design! Courtesy: Smashing Magazine

These sites are neat too.

More Logos to love.

There is so much talent out there! I’m always in awe of it.

Lots of Logo Love

16 Jun

Logos I think are creative/great/fun to look at.


Smashing Magazine et al.